Welcome to This website is meant for all new freshmen of the study Econometrics and Operations Research in Groningen. This is a subwebsite of the study association VESTING and concerns the Introduction Weekend. For more information on VESTING, click here. For more information on the faculty association EBF, click here.

The Introduction Weekend takes place from the 1st until the 3rd of September in Westdorp. Before you can subscribe for the Introduction Weekend, you first have to become an EBF Member. Be carefull: do not sign up for the EBF Introduction Weekend! This weekend is meant for the new freshmen of the studies Students Business Administration, International Business and Economics and Business Economics. After becoming an EBF Member, you can become a member of the study association of Econometrics and Operations Research VESTING. When you have done this, you can subscribe for the Introduction Weekend.

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